Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is Liz Really Boyish?

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

About Hitsugaya

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So for the first post, let me import rather quote everything about Hitsugaya Toushirou.

Hitsugaya Toushirou is the captain of the Gotei 13’s 10th Division. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Hitsugaya in the anime is his youth. He is the youngest Shinigami to have become of captain rank since many generations, earning him the nickname of “boy genius” and “child prodigy”. Being very young, he is also much shorter compared to the other captains.

Although young, Hitsugaya is portrayed to be very mature and serious in his tasks. He is also extremely sharp, being able to notice Ichimaru Gin’s evil intentions. This makes Hitsugaya appear to be a wise old man in the body of a boy.

Hitsugaya came from Junrinan, District 1 of Rukongai. Little is known about his past except the fact that he used to live with Hinamori Momo. As a sister to him, Hitsugaya is fiercely loyal to her, always feeling the need to protect her from harm. Especially after Hinamori entered the Shinigami institute and Hitsugaya followed soon after. Despite his age, he has been very successful due to his talent and soon became captain of the 10th Division.

Hitsugaya Toushiro’s Zanpakuto

Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto, named Hyorinmaru (Frozen Ring), is a sword with a hilt that is shaped like a four-point shuriken. In its Shikai (initial release) form, the sword gains a long chain that has a crescent moon blade attached its end. And with the command, “Soten ni Zase” (Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens), Hitsugaya summons forth a giant Chinese dragon that is made of water and ice. Any opponents that happen to come in contact with the dragon will find themselves freezing and trapped in a blocks of ice.

Hyorinmaru’s Bankai (Final release) form, named Daiguren, Hyorinmaru (Giant Crimson Lotus, Frozen Ring), is in the shape of a pair of wings and tail that embraces Hitsugaya. In addition, three purple objects resembling four-point shurikens floats above and behind him, which usages are yet to be known. As witnessed in Hitsugaya’s short fight with Aizen Sousuke, a pierce from Hyorinmaru will coat his enemy in a thick block of frozen ice, effectively trapping him inside.